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Starting Your Line of Nutritional Supplements – All You Need To Know

With knowledge and insights regarding health and fitness getting more accessible and common by the day, people’s interest in exercising and fitness has skyrocketed lately. As a consequence, the nutritional supplements industry has witnessed a huge surge. The fitness trend is here to stay and as it continues to gain more popularity, the supplement manufacturing business is sure to rise in the coming years. To tap into the immense potential this market has to offer, the most prudent step is to start your line of nutritional supplements, for which you may need to get in touch with a low MOQ supplement manufacturer. Before delving into that, let’s get you through some of the basics.


How does the private-label manufacturing vertical operate?

To create your private-label nutritional supplements or pharmaceutical products, you will have to get in touch with a range of private-label manufacturing companies with details of the product type and quantity you need. Based on their quotes and turnaround times, you commission them to manufacture the supplements with your branding on. In the private label manufacturing business, there exists the concept of ‘minimum order quantity’ (MOQ), which may vary from hundreds to thousands of units.


Choosing the right manufacturer to work with

When looking to partner with a private label manufacturing partner, assess each one on the following parameters:-

  1. Knowledgeable team – The team of production specialists must be knowledgeable enough to either create a custom product for you from scratch or update your existing formula so that the sales may be maximized. Further, the team should keep up with the latest supplement and nutraceutical trends in order to help you bring to the market such nutritional supplement products as may be relevant to the consumers of the day and may align with their health and wellness needs.
  2. Manufacturing facility and equipment therein – An established manufacturer will always have a state-of-the-art nutraceutical manufacturing facility with advanced, cutting-edge manufacturing equipment.
  3. Comprehensive labelling and packaging services – The printing equipment for the nutraceutical bottles ought to be ultra-modern and efficient, capable of order fulfilment for all batch sizes.
  4. Low minimum order quantity – The manufacturing minimums, marked by the minimum order quantity or MOQ, must be low (preferably between 1500 to 2000 units) so that even start-ups with fewer capital resources can avail of the manufacturing services.
  5. Fast lead times – Along with the advanced equipment being used in the manufacturing facility, the company should also offer you competitive product lead times.
  6. Third-party product testing – The manufacturer must be willing to make third-party testing services available upon request.


Working with a reliable private-label manufacturing partner

For private label supplements and contract pharmaceutical manufacturing, Singapore has established itself as one of the major hubs. With many renowned vitamins manufacturers based out of Singapore, finding a low MOQ supplement manufacturer for your brand shouldn’t be a big deal. One of the most trusted private-label pharmaceutical manufacturing brands is APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd, Singapore. For working with the best low MOQ provider, you may get in touch with the team at APD.

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