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ABOUT APD Pharmaceutical

Established in 2012, APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is a contract manufacturing company which is GMP certified by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore. Our principal business activities include the manufacture of Chinese Proprietary Medicine and Health Supplement capsule products and powder sachet products. With nearly 10 years of experience as a manufacturing company, we strive to be Singapore’s largest pharmaceutical company in Singapore. Our clientele is spread across the local Singapore market and the Asian market, with clients from health supplement trading companies and Chinese Medicine clinics, providing safe and effective products for our clients to help their end consumers improve their quality of life. As an active partner of our clients, we are committed to present our client’s brand story and values through the products, which are manufactured under strict standards to represent the image of our clients and our company. Through this model, we have managed to gain trust and reputation among our clients for the past 10 years.

In our beginning years, APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing managed to obtain the Manufacturer’s Licence and subsequently the GMP certification by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore, with regular GMP audits conducted by HSA during our years of operations. At APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, we strictly follow GMP standards in our operations with regular training and upskilling of our staff. Our staff are required to follow SOPs in accordance with GMP standards right from procurement or receiving materials from our clients to incoming material processing, production, delivery, product laboratory testing and sampling.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with a fully automated encapsulation machine, capsule polishing machine, industrial tank mixer, electronic capsule and tablet counter, aluminium blister packaging machine, heat induction sealing machine and powder sachet machine. We have capabilities of up to 600,000 capsules and 20,000 powder sachets of daily production. As a pharmaceutical company, we are also looking out for automated processes to improve our manufacturing productivity for high quality products. We also have aqueous disintegration tester and rapid moisture tester to complement our local partner laboratory testing facilities to provide the necessary product testing required by our clients. We are among the few pharmaceutical companies in Singapore to provide contract manufacturing services. Once the contract is made between us and our clients, the job will be executed based on the contract, where our clients can choose to bring in their own raw materials for production or allow us to provide a one stop service for our customers where we do product development, procurement, logistics, production, product registration, product testing and product training into one full service for the convenience of our customers.

At APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, our managing staff for the various departments are trained with the relevant pharmaceutical educational credentials. As an enterprise with a lifelong learning culture, our staff are committed in learning through external training opportunities and has vast relevant working experience. Our growing capabilities rely on the constant upgrading of our staff, which is why we have created a conducive environment for our staff to train them in different job scopes to learn new skills and to improve our work processes.

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Contract Manufacturing

A good contract herbal supplement manufacturer keeps production running smoothly,so you can focus on building your business

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Our product development team brings in a host of considerations drawing from our extensive experience as a herbal supplement manufacture

Private Label Services

We pride ourselves on excellent Full Label Creation that will help your products to stand head and shoulders over the rest in an increasingly saturated marketplace.

Label Design

Our In-house pricate label creation service helps your products stand out ,we offer a complete suite of services to bring your product labels to life


APD has the ability to formulate and effect a variety of packaging design solutions for any shape and design , provide you with ready-made, attractive packaging

Professional Marketing Image

We provide marketing services especially professional marketing  image including marketing photos and 3D images to meet various  requirements