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Packaging in the pharmaceutical industry

Top 6 Questions You Must Ask Your Supplement Contract Manufacturer

The need for supplements among all age groups is increasing day by day. If you are a supplement brand, you already know the importance of partnering with the right supplement manufacturer in Singapore. To thrive in the competitive era, you need the best contract manufacturers. So, before collaborating with the manufacturers, here are 6 questions you must ask.

Let’s take a look!

1. How long has the manufacturer been in the industry?

The first question to ask relates to their experience. Inquire about the background and history of the contract manufacturer. If the manufacturer has years of working experience in the sector, you can expect quality supplements. However, if the manufacturer has very less experience, it isn’t wise to collaborate with them. Also, ensure that they specialize in the type of supplement you require. For instance, if you need skin care supplements, make sure they have sufficient experience in skin care contract manufacturing.

2. What certification do they have?

When looking for a contract manufacturer to partner with, make sure to take a look at the certifications they have. One of the important certifications of the manufacturers is the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). It ensures that they follow the best practices in the industry and comply with legal rules and regulations. Collaborating with manufacturers can enable you to be rest assured about the quality of finished products. Besides that, look for other quality assurance certificates that guarantee the delivery of top-quality supplements.

3. Can the Manufacturer provide custom solutions?

The demand of customers keeps changing rapidly. To meet the needs of your target customers, you need unique formulations for your supplements. Therefore, you must inquire whether the supplement manufacturer in Singapore is able to offer custom solutions or not. Make sure they can help in manufacturing the supplements just the way you want them. A detailed outline of the project can enable you to understand their ability to deliver creative solutions.

4. Does the manufacturer use high-quality ingredients?

The quality of supplements completely depends on the ingredients used. Therefore, ensure that the supplement manufacturer uses only the best quality ingredients. They must avoid the use of unnecessary additives and fillers. It will help in building a trusted and safe reputation for your brand in the target market.

5. What is the testing procedure of the manufacturer?

Testing of the supplements is vital before delivery. Therefore, you need to inquire about the testing procedure of the contract manufacturers. Make sure they have a strict testing process that verifies the genuineness and safety of the ingredients used. Moreover, they must also test the finished products to guarantee the delivery of the best quality supplements.

6. What is the pricing of the services delivered?

The final question you must ask is about the pricing. Having an idea of the cost will help you choose a manufacturer that fits your budget. However, avoid choosing your contract manufacturer solely based on the price. In case they are offering you quality services, you must be willing to pay a little more.


In the competitive era, finding the right partner for manufacturing supplements is tough. However, asking these questions can make the task easier for you. Are you looking for the best skin care contract manufacturing in Singapore? Connect with the professionals of APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. today!

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