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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Singapore - Apd Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 

OEM Skin Care Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company in Singapore


APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd is a skin care products manufacturer with more than 15 years of history in Singapore, its products are characterized by natural, organic, healthy. OEM skincare Singapore products manufacturing company engaged in production and wholesale business

One of the leading Skincare contract manufacturing companies in Singapore, APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd offers a wide range of luxury colour cosmetics and skincare products. You can choose from a large selection of recipes we have ready to sell under your brand name, or provide your own. With our premium quality and low minimum order quantities.

APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd, a wholesale OEM skincare Singapore manufacturer, is conducting research and development based on the functional and usability requirements of the market for future cosmetics. From raw materials to packaging, we pursue end-user satisfaction and conduct round-the-clock research to realize the development of valuable and exclusive products.

OEM Cosmetic manufacturer APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd has experienced staff to provide customers with product solutions that meet customers’ wishes, please rest assured. For packaging materials such as containers and outer packaging, the company will also submit relevant proposals and introduce relevant manufacturers to customers. In addition, we will plan and design according to the concept that meets the needs of the target population.

Wholesale skin care products manufacturers APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd can provide customers with exclusive products that have three characteristics: “functionality” that can be felt physically, “visual” with impact, and “original” tailored for customers. cosmetic. We will be dedicated to providing services to help customers realize the commercialization of ideas.

Skincare pharmaceutical company APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd has an extensive line of private label skincare products ready to label or professionally print for you. We even have in-house beauty products ready to distribute. The advantages of using our private label skincare products are minimal, fast production introduction and no product development costs. Welcome email or telephone consultation, we look forward to solving your problems and developing your business quickly!


What is White Label skin care contract manufacturing?

The production of white label cosmetics is a process, and suppliers allow another company to label their labels on the product. Suppliers usually provide products to end users in batches, and they have posted their own special labels, provided that all procedures and processes meet Singapore’s law.

The production of OEM beauty products or white label beauty products is a good way for small companies and startups that allow their brands to go out without having to invest in manufacturing and packaging. This allows you to skip the trouble you created.

Customers can choose the variety according to their own requirements, depend on your brand, concept or skin care goal, and many ingredients can be used in skin care products. Some are natural and some are synthetic.


Benefits of skin care contract manufacturing:

Finding a suitable skin care contract manufacturing company can help you reduce production costs to the greatest extent, and at the same time improve the quality of production products. Singapore’s strict GMP production environment not only helps customers get good products, but also guarantee The high quality of the product, at the same time, the manufacture of good skin care products also helps the brand shape a good brand image.


Significance of Hiring Us For Skincare Products Manufacturing

Singapore has established itself as a hub of pharmaceutical excellence, and now it is known for its cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality standards for skincare product manufacturing. If your brand wants to launch natural supplements for skin, partnering with our OEM skincare pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company means tapping into a wealth of expertise. From formulation to packaging, when you reach out to us to create skin supplements for glowing skin, you get nothing but the best!

Besides, when it comes to the best supplements for glowing skin, customers always prioritise innovation. When you work with us to formulate and manufacture natural supplements for skin, you get access to groundbreaking R&D. Stay ahead of the curve with novel ingredients, formulations and delivery systems that set your brand apart in a crowded market. At APD Pharmaceuticals, skin supplements for glowing skin pass through a series of stringent quality checks. As one of the leading skincare manufacturers in Singapore, we understand that quality is non-negotiable, which is why every batch of product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures, so your customers get complete peace of mind.

No two skincare brands are alike, and neither are their needs. When we manufacture the best supplements for beautiful skin, we understand this. Our contract manufacturing company can manufacture the best supplements for glowing skin and anti-ageing solely based on the vision provided by the client. Whether you are a budding startup or an established brand, we can cater to your specific requirements, including batch sizes, and packaging options of formulation tweaks. How can we help? Well, with us as your brand’s natural skin care manufacturers, you get streamlined processes, cost-efficiency and faster turnaround times from concept to shelf, which means more average speed-to-market without any setbacks.


Process of skin care contract manufacturing:

When companies or individuals start their own cosmetics and skin care, they need to cooperate with cosmetics beauty product manufacturers or OEM cosmetic manufacturer to comply with Singaporean laws and regulations:

  1. Customer needs communication, precautions
  2. Customer providing company information, brand authorization, formula provision, packaging material provision, packaging material purchasing (optional) and other content if you need to add
  3. Sample production, solving various problems in production
  4. Sign the contract, add or decrease various terms according to actual needs
  5. Text review, including label review and internal description inspection
  6. Inspection filing, batch inspection conducted in accordance with Singapore law
  7. Inlet inspection, raw material testing
  8. Cosmetics production, overall product inspection


What we do:


Skin Care Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Private/White Label Manufacturing
OEM Contract
Nutritional Supplement Manufacturing Pharmaceutical
Oral Supplements Manufacturing Powder


How you can get skin care contract manufacturing in wholesale?

We are a professional skincare manufacturer in Singapore and skin care export brand owner dedicated to design, development and production. And we provide many kinds of professional skin care products manufacturing, which can meet the requirements of many customers.

Our expertise in cosmetic chemistry and specialty private label skincare manufacturing in Singapore allows us to produce a range of premium, professional quality skincare products.

We are also proud to be an ISO 9001, GMP compliant skincare contract manufacturer. Our production facilities are state-of-the-art and located in Singapore.

Our comprehensive range of private label skincare products includes everything from basic skincare to advanced technologies that deliver clarity, brightening, anti-aging and more.


Why we are one of the leading skin care pharmaceutical companies?

At the heart of our industry is the design and distribution of our range of cosmetics and health supplements. We have been established for over 15 years and have successfully established ourselves as one of the industry leaders in Singapore with contemporary collections and quality products at the lowest prices in the market. In addition to having a strong network of more than 500 sales points in Singapore, including online sales channels, we are also well-known internationally as an active company in the industry. At the same time, we also have production licenses such as GMP, which can provide customers with many choices.

We are a leader in production, extraction and innovation in Singapore, promoting high quality and variety with our unique know-how. From production to packaging of the final product, all steps are strictly controlled to ensure that the product is of high quality.

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