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Supplement Manufacturer

One of Singapore’s Leading Manufacturers of Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements

Established in 2012, Singapore APD Pharmaceuticals Limited is a private brand vitamin and nutritional supplement manufacturer with a manufacturer’s license and GMP certification from the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore. APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd was formed to meet the needs of our sister company Herb&Fashion Pte Ltd, Herb&Fashion Pte Ltd has been providing traditional Chinese medicine hospitals and health product companies with proprietary Chinese medicine and health product products. As a GMP certified pharmaceutical and health products manufacturer in Singapore, we specialize in capsules and powders, with automatic sealers, capsule polishers, industrial tank mixers, electronic capsule and tablet counters, aluminum-plastic packaging machines, thermal sealing machines and powder bag machines. At APD Pharmaceuticals, our experienced pharmacy education certificate staff are trained in strict accordance with the GMP standard Sops, from procurement and receipt to production, delivery, product laboratory testing and sampling. We are one of the few pharmaceutical companies offering contract manufacturing services in Singapore. We accept customers to bring their own raw materials to produce. We also provide customers with one-stop service, we will product development, procurement, logistics, production, product registration, product testing and product training and other one-stop services, and we have low moQ, can carry out small batch supplement manufacturing production advantages, to provide customers with convenience.

As Singapore’s leading vitamins manufacturers and nutritional supplement manufacturers, we strive to keep up with the latest trends in health needs, introduce products that meet the requirements of The Times, and provide customized product services to satisfy our customers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working hard to develop and produce era relevant products to help our customers and consumers maintain their health and alleviate their conditions with safe and effective products. This is the concept that we are always committed to provide for customers and end consumers.


How to obtain low-volume, low-moQ vitamin and nutritional supplement manufacturing

As an expert vitamin and supplement manufacturers in Singapore, we can assist customers in product registration and classification inquiry in strict accordance with the regulations of Singapore health products. Our team of nutritional supplement manufacturers are  professional nutritionists, pharmacists, and the persons with the background of traditional Chinese medicine composition, we can according to customer’s product concept and target audience, for the optimal formulation and efficacy and flavors of products to provide professional advice, product is equipped with scientific articles in both Chinese and English, and you can obtain small batch supplement manufacturing according to customer requirements, reduce the cost of product research and development and listed. Yes, we do offer small batch supplement manufacturing to our clients as well. We conduct product stability tests for customers to verify the stability of products, and we can also provide customers with other documentation for export purposes.

In addition, as the best white label vitamins manufacturers and nutritional supplement manufacturers in Singapore, we provide large, medium to small batch supplement manufacturing services for white label vitamin and nutritional supplement products. Customers can choose or combine customized products from our own brand products, which can greatly reduce the time to market for new products and new brands.

In addition, as Singapore’s leading vitamins manufacturers and nutritional supplement manufacturers in Singapore, we also offer a secondary assembly service where customers can purchase primary packs of their own products and then send them to us to add an external pack to their products.


From Concept to Shelf: The Process of Health Supplement Contract Manufacturing

At APD Pharmaceutical, we take pride in being one of the best contract manufacturing firms for health supplements in Singapore due to our streamlined approach. The journey from concept to shelf is intricate and multifaceted for manufacturing health supplements in Singapore. However, we have an orchestrated process that ensures quality and efficacy from start to end.

  • Initial Consultation: The first step is an initial consultation between our skilled health supplement manufacturers and the client. You outline your vision, target audience, and the desired product specifications, and after collaborative brainstorming sessions, the concept takes shape. Our health supplement manufacturers highlight the market trends, regulatory requirements, and consumer preferences, so the manufacturing roadmap is up and ready.
  • Formulation and Ingredient Sourcing: With the concept in place, our supplement contract manufacturers craft the supplement’s formulation after selecting natural ingredients known for their safety and efficiency. After thorough R&D, we source high-quality raw materials that meet regulatory standards and are within your budget.
  • Prototype Development and Testing: Once the formulation is ready, our supplement contract manufacturers deploy small batches of the supplement or rigorous testing and evaluation. This phase is all about comprehensive control measures to assess potency, purity and stability. In addition, we also conduct regular audits and inspections to adhere to Good manufacturing practices (GMP), and other industry standards, while mitigating the risk of contamination or deviation from specifications.
  • Scaling Production and Manufacturing: Once the testing is done and the product is in compliance with local and international standards, we scale up our production to meet market demand and the needs of our client. From blending and encapsulation to packaging and labelling, we handle everything, so health supplement brands in Singapore don’t have to worry about anything concerning the production or manufacturing cycle.

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What we do:


Skin Care Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Private/White Label Manufacturing
OEM Contract
Nutritional Supplement Manufacturing Pharmaceutical
Oral Supplements Manufacturing Powder


Frequently Asked Questions:


Is supplement considered as medication?

Supplements are not considered medicines. They do not give a cure to any illness or disease. They are just taken to supplement or reinforce the need for nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

What is a supplement manufacturer?

A private label vitamin and supplement manufacturers, partners with entrepreneurs interested in creating their own line of branded nutritional supplements. These companies have the expertise and production capabilities to create a range of nutritional supplements that cater to consumers interested in health and wellness products.

How are nutritional supplements manufactured?

They are weighed and then properly dispensed. For example, at this stage, a specific amount of powder is put into its capsule. They are then polished (cleaned of debris or dust) and inspected. Depending on the kind of vitamin form—be it a tablet or coated—the vitamin manufacturing process may be changed.


How to process of manufacturing a good quality supplement from scratch?

Step 1: The Formula

Step 2: Selection of Raw Materials

Step 3: Pricing Out the Formulation

Step 4: Purchase Order Submission

Step 5: Ordering Raw Materials

Step 6: Raw Materials Arrive & Are Quarantined and Tested

Step 7: Bench Work

Step 8: Pilot Batch

Step 9: Production Run and Testing

Step 10: Testing of Finished Products


How soon can the product be produced?

The dietary supplement manufacturing process of our low MOQ supplement manufacturer will generally take 12-16 weeks from the date a P.O. is received. Could it be faster? Yes, it could be – especially if the production run is simply a repeat run and not the first one. In that case – and assuming that the CM is given sufficient advance notice vis-à-vis reasonably accurate sales projections – the product may be able to be produced in as little as 8-12 weeks.

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