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Top Pharmaceutical Companies In Singapore - Apd Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 

Singapore Capsule Supplement Manufacturing Company

Demand from capsule manufacturers has been high because capsules are generally easier to swallow than tablets.

We are the best capsule manufacturer in Singapore If you want to private label your supplements in capsule form, be sure to choose the right manufacturing partner. We have good capsule manufacturing machines and equipment, we have excellent capsule manufacturing process and tablet manufacturing process steps. Our production is diversified, with capsule manufacturing process and other manufacturing processes.

APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd is currently one of the leading local Chinese Medicine (CPM) encapsulation and automated packaging manufacturers and of the leading capsule manufacturing companies in Singapore and in the ASEAN region, we have in-house R&D and are funded by TCM practitioners. One of our main features is that our products are high concentration Chinese herbal extracts in cooperation with top brand suppliers.


Capsule Manufacturing Process

Capsules are usually manufactured by wet granulation, dry granulation. These methods of manufacturing of tablets and capsules can be thought of as consisting of a series of steps (unit processes) – weighing, grinding, mixing, granulating, drying, (often) coating and packaging.

Step 1

Customer requirements (inquiries)

Step 2

Product packaging, artwork design and formula conformation

Step 3


Step 4

Formulation and packaging confirmation

Step 5

Packaging Details Arrangement

Step 6

Confirm production planned order system generation and production.


Capsule Manufacturing Equipment/Machine

The pharmaceutical industry is a highly controlled and regulated environment. Almost every process of manufacturing of tablets and capsules can be automated; every step involves a piece of pharmaceutical equipment. Below, we highlight some of the common equipment used in the manufacture of solid dose capsules and liquid pharmaceuticals:

Blowers: For solvent recovery and other evaporation applications.

Boiler: Produces steam by applying thermal energy to water.

Capsule Equipment: Different equipment is available for filling, polishing and sorting capsules.

Capsule Printer: Used to print information such as drug name or dosage on capsules.

Centrifuge: Used to separate liquids of different densities, or to separate liquids from solids.

Chiller: Reduces temperature quickly.

Coating machine: Coat capsules with films such as sugar films.

Cooling Towers: Used to cool liquids or condense vapors.

Dryers and Granulators: Used to dry liquid formulations into powders or granules.

Heat Exchanger: Used to transfer heat from one medium to another.

High Pressure Homogenizer: The most efficient fluid handling equipment for particle size reduction and cell lysis.

Inspection Machine: Allows visual inspection of product as it moves through rotating rollers.

Metal Detector: Used to detect foreign metal (metal fragments such as nuts, screws or mechanical fragments) that may contaminate the product.

Mixer: For mixing and particle size reduction.

Oven: Used to provide the necessary heat or drying.

Pulverizer/Cone Mill: Particle size reduction equipment for particles.

Capsule Duster: Used to remove any dust generated in the machine. Also polish the capsules frequently.

Sieve: Used to sieve powder or granules.

Sprayer: Used to spray liquid onto powder.

Tank: Used to store liquids.


What we do:


Skin Care Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Private/White Label Manufacturing
OEM Contract
Nutritional Supplement Manufacturing Pharmaceutical
Oral Supplements Manufacturing Powder


How to improve quality standard of capsule manufacturing?

The capsule manufacturing companies manages in accordance with GMP standards, conducts strict quality audit evaluation and inspection of raw and auxiliary materials and packaging materials, implements whole-process monitoring and quality verification of products, and conducts finished capsule manufacturing in accordance with national standards. Testing and assays.


How Empty Capsules deliver reliable and great performance?

Empty capsules are a traditional pharmaceutical dosage form, and hollow capsules can be used as excipients for drug development and production. As one of the main excipients of drugs, the quality attributes of hollow capsules largely affect the quality and performance of the finished product. Among the key quality characteristics of hollow capsules, differences in capsule size characteristics and weight fluctuations can determine the performance of hollow capsules in high-speed filling machines. The Pharmacopoeia specifies sulfur dioxide, sulfated ash, lubricants, and moisture content as critical quality indicators (CQAs). For drug behavior in vivo, disintegration time and stability can also be used as one of the key quality indicators for hollow capsules.


Benefits of making capsules in Singapore:

Process validation in compliance with regulations and GMP guidelines and in compliance with other laws in Singapore.

Speed and effectiveness to keep your projects on track and preserve product availability.

Seamless execution of first delivery with guaranteed quality.

Access powerful systems to manage product lifecycle, and more secure storage.

Gain insight into everything you need at every stage and monitor effectively.

Access stability studies, analytical data, release testing and other regulatory documents.

Assurance and simpler and safer logistics in the supply chain.

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