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Sachet Packaging in Singapore

Our current packaging sachet capabilities include powder in a sachet and capsule in a sachet. We can do powder sachets of sizes between 3g and 20g, and capsule sachets which can contain 2 capsules per sachet.

We can provide a one stop service for our customers, from formula research, trial production, product registration, product/sachet packaging and design, to material procurement, product manufacturing and delivery of finished products for the satisfaction of our customers. Customers only need to provide a concept and target and we can work out a product proposal for our customers, a complete product with packaging sachets.

When customers approach us for a price quotation, we would first find out from our customers on their intended functions and target market for their products. The formula will be provided by our in-house product development team for our customers’ reference and choice, complete with samples which can be used to assess the product’s actual taste and texture. Once the customer has confirmed the product and the formula, our design team will produce a design proposal based on the needs of the customers. This would also assist in the subsequent manufacturing process as the design would be optimised for our capabilities and internal processes. For customers providing their own product design to be printed on the sachet, we will provide a production sample for customers to review, including the following specifications to be confirmed by the customers: dimensions, material, printing method, type of seal, with or without zipper, with or without tear notch, smooth or jagged edges, thickness, minimum order quantity, etc. An estimated production lead time for the sachets will be notified to customers in advance.

All manufacturing processes are conducted in our GMP facility, with the insertion into sachets done inside the clean room area. Operators entering the clean room are required to put on PPE and conduct necessary disinfection procedures before carrying out their duties under GMP procedures.


Perks of Hiring Us for Packaging Sachet

There’s no denying that packaging plays a vital role in the competitive landscape of pharmaceuticals and health supplements. From ensuring product safety and compliance to consumer satisfaction, our services for sachet packaging in Singapore can do it all. There are several advantages of hiring us for sachet packaging in Singapore. These include the following:

  • For one, when you reach out to us for sachet packaging in Singapore online, you get precision and consistency. With our state-of-the-art machinery and strict quality control measures, you get precise dosing and consistent packaging, necessary for pharmaceuticals and health supplements.
  • We also offer eco-friendly sachet packaging, so you can establish your business as an eco-friendly brand in front of your customers. Besides, our sachet packaging in Singapore prices are competitive as well, so you get the best price for what you pay for.
  • We use specialised materials and techniques to safeguard pharmaceutical products and health supplements from external factors such as moisture, light and air, so you get enhanced protection for your products in our packaging sachets.
  • From proper labelling and tamper-evident seals to child-resistant packaging, we help pharmaceutical companies navigate complex regulatory landscapes and avoid costly penalties or recalls.

Need a quote for sachet packaging in Singapore? We are just a call away!


What we do:


Skin Care Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Private/White Label Manufacturing
OEM Contract
Nutritional Supplement Manufacturing Pharmaceutical
Oral Supplements Manufacturing Powder


For customers who would like to have an external sachet packaging such as a box, our company can help to confirm the art design file with customers and help in the procurement and printing of the boxes, after which we would proceed with packing the product into the boxes. Customers can also choose to add shrink wrap outside of the box for a more complete presentation and keep the box properly sealed. Alternatively, customers can choose to add a Lion Head symbol sticker with GMP on the box to accentuate the product’s value.

We will be confirming the order via a sales contract and collect a deposit to start the material procurement process. Raw materials are sourced from around the world, and we strive to provide for our customers the best and premium ingredients with documentation on efficacy. Once the materials are received at our warehouse, we would proceed to schedule for production and deliver the finished goods to our customers before the stipulated timeframe as stated in the sales contract.

Once delivery of the finished goods is completed, our company will be following up with our customers on the usage of the product and collect feedback regarding the products. We also provide the relevant training pertaining to the functions of the product for our customers and their partners to better understand the products for the greater good of end consumers.

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