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Contract Manufacturing Services in Singapore

Sachet Manufacturing

Sachet/Pharmaceutical Packaging Our current sachet capabilities include powder in a sachet and capsule in a sachet. We can do powder sachets of sizes between 3g and 20g, and capsule sachets which can contain 2 capsules per sachet. We can provide a one stop service for our customers, from formula

White Labelled

Private Label Supplement Manufacturers   What is private label manufacturing? As a leading private label supplement manufacturer in Singapore, we are the only manufacturer in Singapore to offer both internal and external products with GMP certification issued by Singapore HAS. We provide white label service for customers who sell

Contract Manufacturing

Leading Singapore Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company   As an OEM contract manufacturing company headquartered in Singapore, we have operated under the strict regulations of the laws of the Republic of Singapore for over 15 years. All business operations are carried out according to quotations and contracts concluded between us


One of Singapore’s Leading Manufacturers of Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements Established in 2012, Singapore APD Pharmaceuticals Limited is a private brand vitamin and nutritional supplement manufacturer with a manufacturer’s license and GMP certification from the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore. APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd was formed to meet

Alu-Alu (coldform alu)

BOPA film / Aluminum Foil / PVC film BOPA film / Aluminum Foil / PVC film ,widely used in the blister packaging of pharmaceutical & food industries, seal to aluminum blister foil. It is an excellent multilayered structure designed for highly sensitive range of pharmaceutical and generic medicines which

Capsule Supplements

Singapore Capsule Supplement Manufacturing Company Demand from capsule manufacturers has been high because capsules are generally easier to swallow than tablets. We are the best capsule manufacturer in Singapore If you want to private label your supplements in capsule form, be sure to choose the right manufacturing partner. We

Powder Manufacturer

Powder Manufacturer Singapore APD offers a wide variety of options for private label companies selling nutraceuticals in powder form. Protein powder supplements may be the most popular, but there are other powder nutritional supplements, too. For instance, Slim powder , Probiotics powder and Meal replacement powder . Probiotics are