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What is GMP Certification?


The Definition of GMP

If you are confused about GMP meaning, GMP refers to Good Manufacturing Practices and is widely used in the manufacturing sector across multiple product ranges such as food, medicinal products and other consumer goods. At the World Health Organisation, GMP is defined as the aspect of quality assurance management to make sure that medicinal products are consistently produced under quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required by their product specifications.

How to Get GMP Certified?


The GMP Certification Process

For Chinese Proprietary Medicines, we are currently a l

icensed Manufacturer at the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). In addition, we have obtained the GMP and HACCP certifications. We are a GMP-certified Chinese Proprietary Medicine manufacturer under the strict GMP guidelines stipulated by HSA. We have undergone periodic GMP audits conducted by HSA to ensure the high standards of quality assurance of our products. In Singapore, HSA conducts periodic GMP audits every two years to ensure that the facility and manufacturing process are GMP compliant.

The Advantages of the GMP Mark

GMP certification provides GMP guidelines and standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing and is a quality management system which can be implemented in ensuring the quality and safety of medicinal products across the entire production process. GMP guidelines require pharmaceutical manufacturers to maintain manufacturing equipment with the proper production processes, good quality management and strict quality control systems to ensure the quality of end products meeting regulatory requirements. The GMP guidelines outline the basic standards which manufacturers must meet and are the prerequisites for the development and implementation of the safety and quality management system for pharmaceutical products.

The Role of GMP in Pharmaceutical Quality Control: Ensuring Consistency and Reliability

There’s no denying that quality control is vital in the pharmaceutical, and GMP in the pharmaceutical industry does just that. Singapore GMP guidelines are set to ensure that every capsule, pill or injection meets stringent standards not for a matter of reputation, but for public health and safety. The importance of GMP in the pharmaceutical industry cannot be overstated, as Good Manufacturing Practices serve as the bedrock on which pharmaceutical quality control stands. GMP in the pharmaceutical industry plays a massive role in maintaining consistency and reliability in pharmaceutical production. From cleanliness and equipment calibration to personnel training, documentation and product testing protocols, GMP standards in the pharmaceutical industry are considered the gold standards for various reasons. Some of them are listed as follows:

Ensuring Compliance

GMP standards in the pharmaceutical industry encompass a set of principles and guidelines laid down by regulatory agencies to ensure consistency. Pharmaceutical companies must adhere to good manufacturing practices in Singapore to get approval for the production and sale of their products. The HSA conducts rigorous inspections of facilities and reviews documentation to verify companies with the good manufacturing practices in Singapore and non-compliance can lead to severe consequences, including product recalls, fines or suspension of manufacturing operations.

Quality Assurance

GMP standards in the pharmaceutical industry are synonymous with top-notch quality. When brands collaborate with us for contract manufacturing, we ensure to follow GMP requirements to minimise the risk of product defects, contamination, or potency variations. So, with our GMP standards in the pharmaceutical industry, brands can rest assured about the safety and efficacy of their pharmaceutical products in front of their stakeholders and potential customers.

Consistency in Production

By establishing standardised procedures for every aspect of manufacturing, GMP certification in Singapore requirements help pharmaceutical companies achieve uniformity in product quality across batches. Whether you are a small startup or a large-scale enterprise, the consistency in your product range can help to maintain the therapeutic effectiveness and safety profile of your pharmaceutical products, like the top-notch options available in the market. 

Risk Management

GMP certification in Singapore costs quite a lot because you have to update almost half of the manufacturing practices that you handle in-house. However, when you partner with us, you get free GMP certification in Singapore for your products. We conduct thorough risk assessments and implement appropriate quality control measures, so nothing compromises your product quality. 

Documentation and Recordkeeping

In addition, when you collaborate with us for pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, we maintain detailed records of all manufacturing activities, including batch production, testing results, deviations from standard procedures, and corrective actions taken, so you have a transparent trail of accountability with rock-solid records that facilitate traceability during quality issues or regulatory inquiries.

Training and Personnel Competence:

GMP mandates that personnel involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing in Singapore undergo rigorous training to ensure competency in their respective roles. Our skilled, and properly trained staff are better equipped to adhere to GMP guidelines, follow standard operating procedures, and maintain the highest levels of quality and consistency in production.

One of the GMP Certified Companies in Singapore

At APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, our GMP certified facility of over 10 years has been servicing our sister company Herb&Fashion Pte Ltd. We have been serving clients at hundreds of Chinese Medicine clinics, organisations and retail chains as well as health supplement companies in Singapore, supporting them with manufacturing and customisation of their products. Our products are compliant with HSA regulatory guidelines, with Chinese Proprietary Medicines registered with HSA. We strictly follow GMP standards and the regulatory requirements for manufacturing of Chinese Proprietary Medicines. We are committed to adhering to the premium quality Chinese Medicine and high GMP production standards to better serve our clients in Singapore and beyond for more people to be exposed to the benefits of Chinese Medicine and health supplements infused with Chinese Medicine and play a defining role in preventive medicine.


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