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APD - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company in Singapore

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies In Singapore - Apd Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 
About us

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APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Singapore labelled as the best private label supplement manufacturer, supplement factory. As one of the leading herbal supplement manufacturers, we conduct various businesses including producing various types of products and are the best supplement manufacturer in our business Includes private label supplements, wholesale private label supplements, private label powder supplements. Our advantage is that there is no minimum order quantity for private label supplements, and small batch supplement manufacturing. Our herbal supplement manufacturers in Singapore can help you develop your business to the greatest extent, and at the same time we guarantee the quality of the products and follow-up product training services, good communication and exchanges, to help the products to exert the greatest effect.

APD Pharmaceuticals: The Leading Health Supplement Manufacturer

At APD Pharmaceutical, we take pride in being a leading health supplement manufacturer in Singapore. With state-of-the-art contract manufacturing facilities and a team of seasoned experts, we are committed to transforming your ideas into market-ready supplements.

We are the leading herbal supplements manufacturer because our team works with businesses of all sizes. When you partner with us, we assure to deliver you supplements formulated using the finest and responsibly sourced ingredients. As one of the best health supplement manufacturers in Singapore, we ensure that each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure purity, potency and safety.

Our supplement factory deals in all kinds of products that enhance immunity, elevate mental well-being or offer a vitality boost to the human body. We take care of everything from ingredient sourcing to manufacturing without any setbacks.

Still, looking for the best herbal supplement manufacturer in Singapore? Contact us today!

Background - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company Singapore

APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd is a Singaporean enterprise focused on the manufacturing of herbal supplements, accredited by Singapore HSA's GMP certification. As one of the most trusted pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies in Singapore, we mainly deal with Chinese propriety medicine establishments, Western Medicine aesthetic clinics and health supplement direct selling companies. Our pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Singapore focuses on the production of hard capsule and powder sachet dosage forms, including blister packing and sachet packing for capsules. We are also often termed as one the leading nutritional products manufacturers and herbal supplements manufacturers in Singapore because of our unmatched calibre among the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies.

Our Team - Local Pharmaceutical Experts

APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing has an in-house R&D team focusing on products suitable for the body constitution of Southeast Asian people with reference to the demands from the local Singapore market. Our R&D team continually explores manufacturing of more effective medicines for our clients. In addition, APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, as one of the best private label pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies in Singapore deal with global renowned raw material suppliers for materials from all over the world and are also in collaboration with local and internationally known laboratories, all to ensure the stability of product efficacy and the safety of our products.

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing in Singapore also deals with clients in contract manufacturing and formulation improvements through different degrees of OEM and ODM. APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd as one of the members of local pharmaceutical companies aim to be a top health supplement manufacturer in Singapore so that we can provide quality herbal supplements to a wider audience for the prevention of chronic conditions and the best and value-added service for our customers. We are committed to become the most trusted supplement factory and pharmaceutical supplier of plant health products in Singapore.

Our Vision – Top Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Singapore

We are currently one of the leading nutritional products manufacturers in Chinese Proprietary Medicine (CPM) encapsulation and automated packaging. One of the prominent local herbal supplements manufacturers in Singapore.

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Why to Choose Private Label Supplement Manufacturers?

Private label supplement companies provide more than just the product itself. Supplement Factory/Manufacturers offer a range of additional services designed to make your product more appealing to consumers and your business easier to run. Branding and packaging often plays an outsized role in the success of any consumer product, and as a top-notch herbal supplement manufacturer we prioritize the leading industry practices.

What makes us different from other pharmaceutical companies in Singapore?

We are the best local pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company in Singapore, we have the most advanced production technology, the best R&D team, the cheapest manufacturing price, and at the same time have more than 15 years of product production experience and the best after-sales service.

If you require any information about our manufacturing process in Singapore, or you are looking for an herbal supplements manufacturers, please feel free to contact us at (65) 6281 3577

   Supplement Manufacturers - Apd Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 

Contract Manufacturing - Explore Our Main Products

we accept private label orders for custom formulations , especially for Herbal Supplements .

 We offer a wide variety of options for private label companies selling nutraceuticals in powder form.

Our fully stocked private label line is ready for you to label or can be professionally printed for you.

Why Choose Us?


we combine technological innovation with world class manufacturing and process excellence , enable our customers to deliver their discoveries


Our products improve life quality by preventing illness, enabling healthier lifestyles and supporting a safe environment.


We manufacture your products at an affordable cost with no agent or middleman. We offer the best price .


For many years high customer satisfaction with top-of-the-line service drives positive word-of-mouth marketing .