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Best Pharmaceutical Companies In Singapore - Apd Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 

Leading Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company in Singapore


As an OEM contract manufacturing company headquartered in Singapore, we have operated under the strict regulations of the laws of the Republic of Singapore for over 15 years. All business operations are carried out according to quotations and contracts concluded between us and our clients after relevant negotiations. The subsequent contract manufacturing agreement is an important step in protecting our customers and us so that contract manufacturing work is done from start to finish to the specified product so that the finished product meets our customer’s business needs and is permitted to be marketed in accordance with current regulations.

Before the two parties sign and approve the agreement, pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies will discuss the details of contract manufacturing accordingly, including contract manufacturing product name, price, packaging specifications, production quantity, delivery lead time, testing requirements, production loss standards , quality and other specifications. Standards, raw material standards, warehousing standards, payment terms, delivery address, breach of agreement terms, etc. After both parties agree on the contract manufacturing details, the contract is signed and approved by both parties, and both parties retain a copy of the original agreement.

In addition to confirming the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing agreement, a non-circumvention, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement is attached to protect product formulation, price and intellectual property rights related to the product. For customers who have not signed this confidentiality agreement, our company will abide by business ethics and do our best to prevent the disclosure of customer-related information to another party.

As a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company, we understand the importance of the raw materials that our customers send in as their key assets, so we will handle the materials in our stores in accordance with GMP standards. After the raw materials are rationally used for production, the remaining materials are properly stored in accordance with GMP standards, and the finished products are returned to customers after they leave the factory, with labels clearly indicating the expiration date and storage requirements of the materials. remaining material. For customers who need a solution for short-term storage of surplus material after production is complete, this can be added to the agreement as an additional fee-based service, the material can be retained for the next repeat order of the product or when the surplus material is ready by Our customers collect.

As a Singapore registered GMP certified pharmaceutical contract manufacturing pharmaceutical company, we can include our GMP certificate in the product packaging design according to the client’s request, which will be included in the contract manufacturing agreement. Any reasonable use of our GMP certificate without taking advantage of our brand rights can be specified in the agreement with the client. At the same time, any use of our client’s branding and other relevant information can similarly be included in the agreement, and use is permitted only after our client’s written confirmation.


The Advantages of Contract Manufacturing: Why Outsourcing Could Be Your Key to Success

Do you have an excellent idea to revolutionise the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, but you don’t have the resources to bring your vision to life? Well, you can always partner with our pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company. When you outsource your production to our CMO, you can significantly reduce capital expenditure. Our contract pharmaceutical manufacturing company has all the necessary equipment, and expertise in place to help your brand avoid hefty upfront costs associated with building and operating your manufacturing facility.

In addition, when you collaborate with our contract pharmaceutical manufacturing company, you can also have access to specialised expertise and technology. As a leading contract pharmaceutical manufacturing firm, we specialize in particular dosage forms, therapeutic areas and manufacturing processes. Whether it’s specific formulations, advanced drug delivery systems, or complex biologics manufacturing, our pharmaceutical contract manufacturing process encompasses everything. Besides, our CDMO contract manufacturing experts can also offer valuable insights and capabilities to enhance product development and manufacturing, so you can improve product quality and reduce the time-to-market.

Even when you are looking for a pharma CDMO or CMO contract manufacturing firm to ramp up your production to meet the increased market demand or adjust production volumes for optimising cost efficiency, we can help.

Looking for CDMO pharma companies and want a custom estimate for your manufacturing requirements? Contact us today!


How to provide the best in the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing market?

For customers bringing in their own raw materials, we would require clients to provide the official Certificate of Analysis of the material by the respective suppliers. This requirement would also be stated in the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing agreement. The finished product is sent for quality testing at a third-party laboratory under GMP standards and delivery will be done after the test report is ready with no issues. A portion of the finished product will be left with us as a sample for future testing uses, and this will be stipulated in the agreement. During the delivery of the finished product, we would be generating the invoice based on the actual quantity of products manufactured for the processing of the payment for the contract manufacturing job. These are small but important steps in our processes based on our company values to ensure that the products we provide for our clients are safe and reliable, and that the products can be consumed by end consumers for the greater health benefit.

For customers who have their own formulas which require confidentiality or patent registration, our company would proceed to enter a non-circumvention, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement with our customers. The lead time for finished products from first orders to be delivered to customers is generally about 2-6 months after the confirmation and acknowledgement of the contract. The lead time for products from repeat orders can generally be completed within 3 months unless there are raw materials shortages/delays and other unforeseen circumstances.

For OEM orders (OEM contract manufacturing), we provide OEM services of Chinese Proprietary Medicine and Health Supplement products from our sister company’s catalogue with a general lead time of about 3 months. In addition, we also provide ODM services and formula optimisation services for our customers. At APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd, we are one of the few pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies in Singapore which can combine product development, product registration, contract manufacturing and aftersales support into our one-stop services.

We also allow our customers to choose between purchasing their own raw materials, packaging materials and other relevant documentation or handing the procurement to us to do the purchase. Our company will be responsible for the inspection of incoming materials, product manufacturing, product packaging, product sampling and product testing.


Why we are one of the leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies?

As a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company operating in Singapore for over 15 years, we have accumulated much relevant experience in Chinese Medicine health products and manufacturing processes. Our mature production processes allow us to help clients to customise their products to the best of their requirements while providing products which are compliant with prevailing regulations and safety requirements. Just like any manufacturing enterprise, equipment and maintenance personnel is a very significant portion of our costs with minimum production requirements for the machinery. Through collecting and consolidating different demands from different clients, we can minimise resource wastage through consolidating production schedules, thereby providing cost savings and lower minimum production quantities for our clients. This allows our clients to arrange their storage space with more flexibility and improve cash flow by reducing storage stock.

For products which are not customised, OEM products provide our clients with specific house brand products which is regularly manufactured and circulated in the market with good reputation and feedback from end consumers. This up-and-coming form of sales would allow our clients to trust these products and make more repeat orders. These OEM products are manufactured in tandem with our house brand products by sharing the same production processes, while allowing our customers to choose to present their products with their own branding and packaging requirements. We are proud to present more than 50 of our own house brand products which have been well received by our clients and are used for OEM products by various clients. In the meantime, our company is committed in developing new products for the changing market demands so that our clients can benefit and add on to their brand value.

White label services for small clinics or clients selling private label products for the first time and clients who already have established product content. We provide white label products according to the company’s existing product catalog to help customers manufacture products with labels and outer packaging according to the brand art design provided by customers. We can provide basic styling and sourcing services for labels, bottles and outer boxes. At the same time, we can also help customers with product training.

For customers who wish to optimize their white label product formulations by substituting or omitting certain active ingredients, we can provide professional advice and feasibility reports on modified formulations to ensure that the product is effective, stable and meets current market needs. These are very rigorous and rigorous procedures in Singapore, and through our services, we hope that we can provide our customers with more added value than other pharmaceutical companies in Singapore.


What we do:


Skin Care Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Private/White Label Manufacturing
OEM Contract
Nutritional Supplement Manufacturing Pharmaceutical
Oral Supplements Manufacturing Powder


1.What is an OEM contract?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), is the original equipment manufacturer. OEM is a form of cooperation that entrusts others to produce, and is essentially a contractual relationship between the two parties within the scope of product processing. Legal companies order through contracts, entrust other qualified manufacturers of similar products to produce, buy out the ordered products at low prices, and directly affix their own brand trademarks.


2.What is the difference between OEM, ODM, OBM?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer):

The OEM factory has minimal investment in any part of the brand’s production process, focusing only on the manufacturing process. Factories can simply follow the directions of the brand or consulting firm to produce, provided that local laws and regulations are complied with.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer):

ODM factories have product design capabilities. Importers will choose a product design that already exists, use their brand name to market the product by marking the product or use a specific packaging so that the product can be identified as their branded product.

OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer):

The OBM factory is responsible for the entire production process from design, testing, manufacturing, supply chain to marketing and other related links. OBM fully owns the brand and product.


3.Benefits of OEM contract manufacturing

More objectively analyze the international and domestic market situation, so as to accurately judge the product direction.

It can improve the utilization rate and turnover speed of the company’s working capital, thereby reducing fixed costs, mastering its own product technology, and creating higher economic benefits.

It can give full play to the technical and design advantages of all parties, reduce the number of fixed technicians, give full play to technical expertise, and increase the competitiveness of products.

Can give full play to the strength of all parties, production cooperation, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and expand the market.

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