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Packaging of Pharma Products the Easy Way

Sachet packaging is one of the most convenient and, therefore, highly popular packaging options for a multitude of products available in the market. A packaging sachet assumes even more importance when it comes to packing medicines or pharmaceutical products. This is because a sachet not only accords convenience (to both manufacturers and consumers alike) but is also conducive to dose accuracy – something highly desirable by pharmaceutical manufacturers on account of consumer compliance.

Sachet packaging – An overview

From the moment they are manufactured till the time they are consumed, many expendable consumer products, especially edible ones, need to be kept away from moisture, oxygen, and some even light. This requirement is fulfilled by the use of sachets. A sachet is essentially a plastic pouch that has flexible barrier films sealed on some or all of its sides. What makes sachets so popular amongst end consumers is that they are extremely easy to open – just pull apart the sides and there you go! Sachet manufacturers also have the option to provide features such as tearing a notch to open the sachet.

The most viable option for packing of medicines and pharma products

Ever since pharmaceutical contract manufacturing has gained traction in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical space, contract manufacturers have been striving to comprehensively provide a host of services to pharmaceutical manufacturers under one roof. Broadly speaking, these services include manufacturing, packaging, serialization, and clinical distribution. Although often undermined, the importance of packaging medicines is as concerning as that of manufacturing. Therefore, let us try to delve into the finer details of the packaging of medicines and pharmaceutical products.

Packaging of pharma products is a sensitive matter since it affects drug quality. Good packaging also protects the drug from biological degradation. Additionally, drug packaging also carries comprehensive information about the composition, usage, shelf life, etc. of the medicine inside it. A packaging sachet is best suited for all these requirements.

Advantages of using sachet packaging for medicines and pharma products

  1. Sachet packaging offers the convenience of having separate doses.
  2. There needs to be dose accuracy for powder-based medicines. This is best accomplished by the use of sachets.
  3. Liquid medicines remain intact inside sachets with the least chance of leakage, spill, etc.
  4. Sachets provide ample moisture and oxygen barrier for the contents inside them.
  5. Sachet packaging offers extended shelf life to medicines.
  6. The freshness and flavour of pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products are perfectly retained inside sachets.

Disadvantages of sachet packaging

  1. Sachets are for one-time use only. Once torn, they cannot be reused for packing.
  2. Sachet packaging falls under the category of primary packaging. It needs another layer of outer packaging known as secondary packaging such as a box.

Your reliable packaging partner

If you are into the pharmaceutical business in Singapore and looking for the right packaging firm to partner with, your search will end with APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd. It is the leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm in Singapore specializing in the packaging of pharma and nutraceutical items. You may get in touch with them for all your packaging requirements.

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