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Herbal Supplement Manufacturing: Know the Vital Steps

Vitamins and nutrients are vital for a healthy body and mind. When the regular diet fails to meet the nutritional needs of the body, individuals turn to supplements. That is why there is a growing need for dietary supplement suppliers. Are you a supplement provider and looking to partner with an herbal supplements manufacturer? If yes, you must have a comprehensive idea about the steps followed by the manufacturers. Here are the steps you need to know.

Let’s dive in!

  • Equipment

For pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, the availability of the right equipment is vital. So, in the first step, the manufacturers ensure they have all the essential tools and equipment. It includes dryers, blenders, and other machines. Moreover, they even require equipment for the packaging and bottling of herbal supplements.

  • The Right Formula

Once all the tools and equipment are ready, the manufacturers of the herbal supplements focus on the formula. The right formula is all about using the correct dosage of different raw materials to ensure the best outcomes. The manufacturers understand the specific requirements of clients and come up with the best formulas to help them stand out. They prepare unique formulas to enable you to secure more loyal customers for your brand.

  • Raw Material Selection

After the creation of the right formula, the herbal supplements manufacturer proceeds to raw material selection. The manufacturers ensure that the ingredients for making the supplements are sourced from the most reliable providers. They focus on using the best quality ingredients to provide the desired results to your customers.

  • Pricing

The next step is pricing. The supplement brand will have to submit a price quote to the contract manufacturer to set the right price. The manufacturer will then verify the prices and provide a new quote to the supplement brand owner. Once the pricing is decided, the real process of manufacturing the herbal supplements begins.

  • Manufacturing

When all the raw materials are available in the inventory of the contract manufacturer, they start with real manufacturing. First, limited samples of the capsules are prepared and sent for evaluation. Once they are approved by the customers, the actual production begins. In case any issues are identified in the pilot batch, adjustments are made to the formulation to address them.

  • Testing

After manufacturing the final product, several tests are performed to ensure the delivery of high-quality supplements to the customers. The tests conducted include potency and identity, heavy metal compliance, and microbiological compliance. A certificate is finally issued by the contract manufacturer to guarantee the quality of supplements.

  • Polishing and Bottling

The capsules are finally polished to give them a clean and finished look. Then the herbal supplements are bottled and packed as per the requirement of the brand owner.


Now you must have gained a complete understanding of the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing process. Make sure to partner with reputed and experienced manufacturers for the best results. Are you looking for a genuine contract manufacturer of herbal supplements? APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. can be the best choice. Connect with the manufacturer, share your unique requirements, and get the supplements manufactured.

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