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Manufacturing Practices

Good Manufacturing Practices Revealed by the Industry Experts

Typically, supplements are engineered to supply nutrients, particularly micronutrients and other physiologically active substances in predetermined amounts. In the supplement industry, quality is holistic and the interdependence of different components must always be recognized. Leading supplement manufacturers understand that quality covers all aspects of manufacture, storage, packaging and distribution from the selection of appropriate raw materials to the stability of the supplement on the market shelf. Good manufacturing practices that lead to supplement efficiency revolve around quality management. To achieve and exceed the pre-defined standards of quality, a comprehensive system must be designed, and the quality objective of every manufacturing facility must involve the following aspects:

Quality by Design

On the surface, a crucial aspect of quality management is the concept of quality by design. This invariably and implicitly means that quality is built into a product from the very initial stages of product development. Quality by design incepts with the formulation and sourcing of raw materials, proceeds through the packaging step, and ends at the final testing process. Each step in the manufacturing process must be critically evaluated to ensure that the end product can consistently meet all the defined specifications without any flaws.

Meeting and exceeding the basic requirements of good manufacturing practice

The fundamentals of manufacturing begin from clarity. All the manufacturing processes must be clearly defined with a clear cut representation of each stage. All the essential facilities and resources must be provided including:

  • Correct materials, labels and containers

  • Adequate premises and space

  • Industry-approved procedures

  • Appropriately skilled personnel

  • Suitable transport and storage

  • State-of-the-art technology


Quality control

Every manufacturing facility’s quality control procedure is its obligation to have an effective monitoring system in place for verifying compliance with specific parameters. It defines suitable corrective action in the event of non-compliance. To achieve efficacious quality control, a manufacturing facility must have a clear delineation of the relevant authorities responsible for the quality control management functions. This can prevent any confusion or misunderstanding. Besides, the manufacturer should also inspect and test materials while assessing every supplement under a variety of conditions for impeccable product quality.

Quality assurance

The objective of quality assurance is to comply with the specifications of the industry standards. To be of top-notch quality, the final product must:

  • Contain all the ingredients in the correct proportions

  • It must be enclosed in proper containers.

  • It should be correctly processed as per the defined procedures

  • It must bear the correct label.

  • It should be stored, distributed and marketed under the recommended storage conditions so that the quality is maintained through the expected product life.


The bottom line

Irrespective of whether you are stepping into capsule manufacturing or gummy vitamin manufacturing, always ensure to collaborate with an industry leader. The manufacturing processes should remain flawless because even a single small mistake can cost you a lawsuit. Supplements are designed and marketed with the sole aim to supply nutrients, and they should be manufactured for efficiency. Pick a manufacturer that provides a multi-layered approach to manufacturing. Ranging from sourcing and packaging to quality testing, the manufacturer should handle every stage of the manufacturing cycle.

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