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A Comprehensive Guide to Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

The trend of contract manufacturing has been on the rise in recent times. It is becoming increasingly popular in different industries, and the pharma sector is no different. Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing refers to the process of outsourcing the production of medicines like tablets, pills, and capsules. The core aim is to streamline production and ensure the delivery of high-quality drugs in the market faster.

Are you planning to outsource the production of your pharma products? If yes, here is all you need to know about pharmaceutical contract manufacturing.

Need for Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

Below are the reasons why pharmaceutical contract manufacturing is important.

  • Delivery of Quality Products

The pharma industry is crowded with several players providing similar products. So, to stand out in the competition, the delivery of high-quality and effective products is important. That is why outsourcing your production to a well-established organisation can be an ideal option. As the reputed manufacturers have been in the industry for years, they can provide you with the best quality products.

  • Ensures Faster Delivery

In the competitive landscape of the pharma sector, timing is important. A delay in the launch of your product can benefit your competitors. With contract manufacturing, it is possible to speed up the entire process and ensure faster time to market. As a result, it can have a significant impact on your sales and improve your revenues.

  • Saves Costs

Opting for pharmaceutical contract manufacturing can also help you save a lot on your expenses. As you do not have to set up a supplement factory or invest in the equipment and technologies, you can save big and make more profits.

A Quick Look at the Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Process

Whether you want to outsource the manufacturing of oral calcium supplements or whitening supplements, having an idea of the manufacturing process is important. Take a look at the steps involved in the manufacturing process.

  • Blending: The first step is to blend the different ingredients with the active pharmaceutical formula to develop a mixture.
  • Coating: The mixture is given a coating to add colour, improve taste, and make it appealing to the users.
  • Serialisation: Unique serial numbers are assigned to the completed drugs.
  • Shipment: The manufactured drugs are packed, labelled, and shipped.

 CMO vs CDMO: Know the Difference

People often assume that contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) and contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) are the same. However, both are very different. CMOs are the companies involved in the manufacturing of pre-formulated drugs. That means if you already have a formula but lack the equipment and resources for the production of the medicines, you can hire a CMO. On the other hand, CDMOs are the companies that assist you from the pre-formulation stage to the production of the medication.


Manufacturing drugs and supplements is becoming expensive. That is why more and more companies rely on pharmaceutical contract manufacturing. Now that you have a complete idea, it is time to look for the best contract manufacturers. APD Pharmaceutical is one of the reputed pharmaceutical contract manufacturing firms. Connect with professionals and discuss your requirements.

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