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The Complete Ins And Outs of Private Supplement Manufacturing

Private label manufacturing – What’s all the hype about?

The market for pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements is ever-growing. Entrepreneurs, merchants, and start-up brands looking to bring an exclusive and unique supplement combination to customers must give private-label supplements a try. The term private label manufacturing essentially implies manufacturing (of products) by one company to be sold under another company’s brand. There are many reasons which may lead a company to opt for partnering with a private label manufacturer instead of setting up its own production and supply line.


Why partner with private-label supplement manufacturers?

  • Ease of establishing a new brand – As compared to a custom formula, the contract manufacturing of private label supplements requires a low minimum order quantity. Therefore, it becomes easy for a start-up company to get their foot in the door since contract manufacturing involves significantly less “risk” as compared to a custom formula. It is, in a way, a win-win situation for both – the supplement company and the private label manufacturer. It has thus become possible for virtually anyone to start their supplement line even if they don’t possess the requisite knowledge or experience.
  • Cost-effectiveCapsule manufacturing and the manufacturing of supplements in a supplement factory using custom formulas is a significantly costlier affair as compared to private-label supplement manufacturing. A private label manufacturer enjoys reduced production costs and mitigation of supply-chain issues owing to the flexibility he commands while working with a limited range of stock products. Owing to their appealing price points, private-label supplement manufacturers will most likely continue dominating the shelves of supplement retailers, online as well as offline.


Which private-label supplement manufacturer to go with?

Private supplement label manufacturers are a dime a dozen nowadays, making it difficult for customers to choose the best one. As a rule of thumb, a manufacturer adhering to or complying with or following the below-mentioned points is the safest and the most reliable to go with.

  1. Transparency – While many private label manufacturers are notorious for using the same recycled, watered-down formulas, there are a few that observe transparency regarding the ingredients they use. Manufacturers that are open and honest about the quality and content of their products deserve customers’ reliance.
  2. Testing – It is necessary that a manufacturer get its products tested regularly by an independent third-party lab.


Choose a supplement manufacturing partner wisely

To create and sell your pharma-grade supplements using your own, distinctive formulation, it is best to partner with a private manufacturing firm that has

  • World-class production facility
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Pharmacy-grade products
  • Unparalleled support

One such firm renowned for providing the best-in-class services is APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd, Singapore. The USPs of this pharmaceutical manufacturing company include the most advanced production technology, an in-house R&D team, providing the best quality products, small batch supplement manufacturing, no minimum order quantity for private label supplements, and follow-up product training services.

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