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Everything that you need to know about pharmaceutical contract manufacturing in Singapore

Pharmaceuticals in Singapore have witnessed a series of radical revolutions in the past few decades. Among the various pharmaceutical industry changes, Chinese Proprietary/ Patent Medicines and health supplements have gained tremendous pace and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies are quite in the hype now because of their scalability and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, these enterprises render distinguished manufacturing services from product development to full-scale production, wondering about the other bells and whistles of a contract manufacturing company? Let’s find out!

What is pharmaceutical contract manufacturing?

In the process of contract manufacturing, the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and discrete medications is outsourced to a third-party company that handles different developmental and regulatory aspects. There has been a steady growth in contract manufacturing as the procedure caters to the pharmaceutical industry’s needs while ensuring unparalleled quality.

There are several perks that contract manufacturing companies provide apart from the manufacturing of white-labelled products. Some of these are listed as follows:

Resource-saving Contract manufacturers aid pharmaceutical enterprises in saving their valuable resources in two ways. First of all, they eliminate and reduce waste using techniques such as lean manufacturing. Less waste invariably and implicitly means more cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint. Secondly, they offer you their workforce which frees up your staff’s time. So, instead of focusing on the manufacturing process, your valuable workforce can ingrain their minds in curating strategies for branding, marketing, product launch, etc.

  • Lesser costs

You don’t have to invest a penny in manufacturing instruments, pharmaceutical warehouses, or maintenance with contract manufacturing. Thus you can keep your overhead costs low that leads to a better return on investment. So, in a nutshell, a contract manufacturing company can aid you in saving on your manufacturing and labour costs, fringe benefits and training while smoothening your transition into new markets of white labelled products at minimal economic risks. Besides, with the tremendous experience of CMOS, it can be easy for pharmaceutical businesses to accelerate mass production and maintain the pace of demand and supply.

  • Less R&D

Pharmaceutical companies spend a gigantic portion of their time in elaborate R&D, which involves hefty investment and detailed research blueprints. With a CMO, businesses can exclude extensive R&D from their manufacturing process. Once they outsource their manufacturing and regulatory process, the CMO utilizes its pre-established expertise to perform the R&D and ensure better compliance according to the global quality standards.


If you consider the workforce, experience and resources essential to manufacture pharmaceuticals, a GMP certified contract manufacturing company can be a much faster and inexpensive option. In addition, experienced pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies have the tools and knowledge essential to create effortless products. In conclusion, to produce a pharmaceutical product, different resources are needed.

In conclusion, if a pharmaceutical company cannot find the necessary resources in-house, it can outsource the manufacturing process to another contract manufacturing company where the resources are readily available. The ultimate objective is to develop products with impeccable quality with limited resources, and competitive prices.

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