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Contract Manufacturing for Chinese Proprietary Medicines

In Singapore’s world of Chinese proprietary medicine, a lot has changed over the past few years. After the relative quiescence period, the pharmaceutical sector of Singapore is experiencing tremendous growth. One of the biggest pharmaceutical hubs of Asia, Singapore has invested more than $3.7 billion over the past few years in its biomedical infrastructure. Asia’s pharmaceutical industry is growing at a rapid growth rate of more than 12% every year with an excess of US $168 billion. To keep up with Asia’s increasing demand for pharmaceuticals, recently contract manufacturing companies have become quite popular.

Almost every contract manufacturing company has a standard process that is followed for high-quality end results. For CPM or Chinese Proprietary Medicine, processes like automated packaging and encapsulation are important for which contract manufacturing is used to increase the efficiency by several orders of magnitude.

What is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract Manufacturing companies have extensive know-how of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. They ensure the seamless execution of Chinese proprietary medicine development ranging from the production cycle and manufacturing to release. By using the latest tools and techniques, contract manufacturing companies induce rapid product creation with a faster turnaround time. When pharmaceutical enterprises hire contract manufacturing companies for their manufacturing process, they can reduce the amount of workforce while making manufacturing more efficient.

Why Contract Manufacturing for CPM?

The world of Chinese Proprietary Medicine is complex. Ranging from the intricate manufacturing and packaging processes to a detailed compliance overview, dealing with CPM manufacturing can be tough. However, with the aid of contract manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses can adhere to compliance regulations without any manufacturing hiccups.

Contract Manufacturing companies also ensure timeliness. So, pharmaceutical companies can get a clear estimate of the time and budget that they need to set aside for the manufacturing process. Without any delays or overhead costs, the manufacturing costs can proceed while having top-notch quality. Contract manufacturers offer a buffet of end-to-end services ranging from assembly and shipping to packaging and sachet manufacturing. So, when companies outside their pharmaceutical manufacturing process to a contract manufacturing company instead of relying on their in-house team, they can keep the entire manufacturing process under one roof.

Every company doesn’t require to have the knowledge to deal in versatile Chinese Proprietary Medicines. But, with contract manufacturing companies this isn’t the case. With seasoned contract manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies can easily fill in the vital knowledge gaps to find a niche and innovative manufacturing solutions within the industry. So, you will have an experienced manufacturer at your side and you won’t have to start from scratch.


Many enterprises across Singapore find pharmaceutical manufacturing daunting as handling the manufacturing tasks can be cost-intensive and hectic. However, with contract manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies can reduce their manufacturing costs considerably while keeping up with the dynamic industry standards. Contract manufacturing companies have the tools and experience that can lead to high-quality end products within a cost-effective price range. Still on the lookout for contract manufacturers? Get in touch with the industry experts now for flawless execution in CPM!


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