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Gmp Certified Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Singapore - Apd Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 

A Brief Overview on Different Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Services

In the close-knit world of pharmaceuticals, Singapore is becoming a global center for Chinese Proprietary/Patent Medicines and health supplements. As per World Bank Data, 4.7% of Singapore’s GDP is spent in the healthcare industry. Can you believe that annually the Pharmaceutical sector accounts for more than 85% of the total biomedical sciences manufacturing in Singapore, which is huge?

Owing to the skyrocketing demand for pharmaceuticals and enhanced market opportunities for medications, Singapore has also witnessed a substantial rise in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Unlike how people think, there is a multitude of processes that are employed to increase efficiency and scalability for pharmaceutical manufacturing in Singapore. Ranging from contract manufacturing to sachet manufacturing, here are the most sought pharmaceutical processes by Singaporean companies and pharmaceutical giants worldwide. Dive in to find out more!

  • Contract Manufacturing

With Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing, companies can manufacture medications and pharmaceutical products by outsourcing them to a third party. The third-party entails the developmental and regulatory concerns which assure the unparalleled quality of the pharmaceuticals. By opting for pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, enterprises can have access to greater know-how in capital and equipment and harness the strategic intelligence of their manpower to reduce the load on their business.

  • White Labelled Product Manufacturing

White Labelled Manufacturing is just like contract manufacturing where a label product is manufactured by a third-party company and sold under a certain company’s brand name. However, in this case, the manufactured product isn’t restricted to one specific retailer. White labelling services are ideal for small-sized clinics or for those who want to sell their products under their own brand name for the first time.

  • Supplement Manufacturing

A supplement manufacturing company would deal with whether the dietary supplement products are safe or not before they are marketed. Supplement manufacturers deal with dosage in capsules and powder sachets with state-of-the-art facilities like a capsule polishing machine, automated encapsulation machine, electronic capsule and tablet counter, industrial tank mixer, aluminium blister packaging machine, heat induction sealing machine, and more.

  • Sachet Manufacturing

Do you know that Pharma Sachets have to be custom engineered with high oxygen and moisture barrier properties to keep the medications safe? Well, sachet manufacturing does that job. With sachet manufacturing pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical brands can get one-stop solutions for everything ranging from trial production and formula research to product packaging, product design, procurement and registration. The packets can be safely designed as per the safety standards and the design can be optimized to keep the manufacturing costs down.  


According to the World Health Organization, Singapore holds the sixth position worldwide in terms of the healthcare system. Especially the pharmaceutical has a huge fan following worldwide. People from all across the globe lookup to Singapore when it is about Chinese Proprietary/Patent Medicines and health supplements. The development of a new pharmaceutical product involves a series of steps. So, understand how each manufacturing process works before you jump into the crests and troughs of pharmaceutical manufacturing in Singapore. 

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