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White Label Manufacturing

Top Benefits of White Label Manufacturing for Brands

Manufacturing processes involves numerous intricate aspects intertwined together. In the beauty industry where manufacturing proceeds at a pace faster than any industry aligning with the customer demands can be challenging. When you are producing in bulk, errors or dead stock can be an issue. But, with white labelling, you can say goodbye to your manufacturing issues. So, white-label beauty products are manufactured by a third party but rebranded as a home product. The manufacturing only takes place outside the company, but the marketing and selling of the product are carried out by the brand.

A brief overview of white label manufacturing

For white label cosmetics, brands outsource their manufacturing process to a manufacturer that already specializes in producing high-quality products that are tried and tested in the market. The brand then labels the product with its branding symbols before selling or marketing its products as its own.

Often white label is confused with private labelling, but they are different. In private labelling, the cosmetics are produced by a manufacturer. The only difference is that the brand can also ask for the formula of the product to be changed. So, the manufacturer holds the potential to create a unique product exclusively for a specific brand.

White label cosmetics are used by many brands who want an affordable way to introduce their range of cosmetics in the market. Ranging from start-ups and SMEs to self-employed individuals, many people use white label manufacturing.

Advantages of while label manufacturing for beauty products

There are many perks of selecting white labelling for beauty professionals. Some of these include:

  • Risk-free manufacturing. For one, when you decide to invest in a white label product, you know that it is professionally manufactured. So, you can rest assured that the product meets all the industry regulations and guidelines. Also as the product is already tried and tested and it has a place in the market, there are no potential risks involved in launching the product.
  • Cost-effective. Another benefit of white label manufacturing is its cost-effectiveness. In white labelling, the product is already manufactured and you can increase your order when you need to or when the demand rises. This means that there will be no dead stock. This will also allow you to gradually expand your cosmetics line as your sales increase.
  • Quality-oriented with a short turnaround time. As you don’t have to wait for the cosmetic product to be tested or formulated, white-label manufacturing assures you a seamless process. You can put your name on a product that is manufactured for quality and having your unique range of cosmetics can also set your brand apart from the competition.


Final thoughts

Besides the beauty industry, white label manufacturing and contract manufacturing are also used in the pharmaceutical industry. Many pharmaceutical brands in Singapore prefer pharmaceutical contract manufacturing to streamline their manufacturing process and make it more efficient. So, where are you in the overall white label manufacturing process? Is your brand smart enough to outsource manufacturing?

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