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Cosmetic Brand Line

Cosmetic Brand Line: How to Start One?

The modern-day market is witness to a clear distinction being drawn between the manufacturing sector and the branding/selling segment. The demarcation between the two is now so clear that both the sectors can and do function as independent, standalone units. It has made things quite convenient for those wishing to launch their brand of products, so much so that there is no need to manufacture a product. Don’t believe it? Well, take cosmetics, for instance. You need not have a manufacturing line of cosmetic items to own a cosmetic brand. In fact, many manufacturing companies can provide you with quality cosmetic products, only to leave you with the task of branding and selling them. Let us find out about white label beauty products.


Why are white-label cosmetic manufacturers important for new entrants?

Since the number of orders of renowned cosmetic producers and skin care pharmaceutical companies is large, they often get their products contract manufactured. On the other hand, for new entrants or small businesses, white-label cosmetics manufacturers are the answer. It is so because white-label cosmetics manufacturers already have a catalogue of ready-made products. They hand out samples and provide certificates and other details.


What to look for in a white label cosmetic manufacturing company?

  1. Certification standards – The production of cosmetics products is regulated according to very specific guidelines. Before sale, the cosmetics are inspected for safety. Besides, to ensure that the manufacturing company complies with manufacturing standards or not, the manufacturing facility is regularly inspected. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is another certification that has been put in place. Always work with a manufacturer that complies with all the standard certifications. A GMP certified and compliant cosmetics manufacturer can be your best bet.
  2. Procurement of quality raw materials – Cosmetic products are as good as the ingredients used to manufacture them. Points worth exploring are:
  3. What process does a manufacturer use to source its ingredients?
  4. Does a manufacturer use materials that are domestically produced or sourced overseas to create its products?
  • How the products are produced i.e. organic, all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan, or Fair Trade-certified sources?

Study your target audience. If they favour any specific category out of all these, choose ingredients sourced to the same standards.

  1. Product safety standards – Always ask the manufacturer to provide the safety data of the product. Since the product is a cosmetic, its safety standards would be of particular interest to many regulatory bodies.


Be wise in choosing a private label manufacturer

When starting your cosmetics products line-up, the most crucial step is choosing a private label manufacturer. The best way to find one these days is through the internet. Alternatively, trade shows may also be explored, online reviews may be read, or product samples may be requested. With so much to take care of while finalizing one, take your time researching on the internet regarding the aforementioned points. After all, it is for you to decide who you are going to be as a brand.


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